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(3) This is especially the case for individuals who view racial bias (implicit beliefs we have about our own and other races) as malleable and able to change over time. I think it would be likely that it would only be in European countries and former European colonies (USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc).(4) In the United States Pew study, gender patterns of interracial marriage were found to vary widely. Gendered racial exclusion among white internet daters. I do not think this will take place in Africa, China, India etc., because these countries do not have the immigration that European countries have.(7) Previous research has demonstrated a link between genetic diversity and facial attractiveness, with women rating men with greater diversity in a set of genes critical to immune system function to be more attractive. I am a biologist and I have never heard of any organism appearing to try and commit suicide of their own sub species.

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These attributes pertained to categories including (e.g., “sexy, physically attractive, well groomed/stylish”).(9) Evolutionary psychologists suggest that this increased attractiveness relates to greater genetic fitness in these individuals. A little similarity goes a long way: the effects of peripheral but self-revealing similarities on improving and sustaining interracial relationships. In conclusion, I think the study should mention that it is most likely European countries (and former colonies) that will experience this.It is known that greater genetic variation is associated with reduced incidence of certain diseases – cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease and hemophilia – all which can occur when an individual inherits two copies of the relevant defective gene. Predicting behavior during interracial interactions: a stress and coping approach. I think interracial relationships are the future, but it makes me a bit sad because we'll lose what makes us unique. If I have children they'll probably be less indigenous than am I, and so on and so on until my lineage would no longer be Native American.Greater genetic variation may also be associated with a greater ability to ward off infection and greater resilience to stress. Personality and social psychology review : an official journal of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Inc. Sure, the culture might remain alive (maybe), but the people will be gone forever.Racial discrimination is reduced among children of interracial relationships, and adults who have been in interracial relationships are less prejudiced. The White population will continue to grow, however so will non-White population in America and Europe. White people will not be bred out, however, as Jin stated, there does seem to be a death wish for their race with some Whites, and with all of the ruling elites.