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On January 15, Kommersant reported that Ashimov was born in 1994 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, where he was raised as an orphan and attended a boarding school.The Russian daily reported that he was trained to be a driver and moved to Kazan, the capital of Russia's Tatarstan Republic, less than a decade ago and received Russian citizenship.High quality video Experience faster and more reliable video calls, whether you’re on Wi-Fi or on the go.Cross-platform Video call all your friends on smartphones with just one simple app.The identity of a man purportedly killed execution-style in an Internet video released by Islamic State militants this week appears to be corroborated by information posted on social-networking sites and interviews with residents in southern Kazakhstan.A social-media user told RFE/RL's Kazakh Service this week that a man resembling one of two purported "Russian agents" allegedly shot dead in the video was her husband, while a possible former classmate says he was called in for questioning by Kazakh security officers.If you'd like more guided language instruction on We Speke, choose from the very affordable Lessons in the We Speke Shop. Our highly acclaimed and very affordable English test prep and vocabulary Lessons are just the thing to get ready for the TOEFLi BT®, IELTS, and other English certification tests.

"They want to ask whether I know him or not," Muzarapov said.

Gakku TV produces short content, which consists of music programmes, news and entertaining shows in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Up to 400 Gakku FM — Kazakh music radio station from Gakku TV producers. Gakku FM broadcasts only Kazakh content: contemporary music and hot show business, culture and entertainment news.

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