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His way of showing love is that it eventually turns into death or a murder.

Together the monologues include the issues of jealousy, obsession, love, and hatred.

Porphyrias Lover is a poem about an obsessive possessive man, in love with a girl who cannot stay committed and has a fear of relationships, so he murders her to be forever with her.

Robert Browning's poem depicts the separation of social classes and describes the "triumph" of one man over an unjust society.

The poem depends upon the reader's abil-ity to make inferences as well as to analyze the speaker's attitude towards Porphyria since he does not give any background informa-tion....

[tags: Papers] - Sometimes poets can write the most absurd and questionable things.

Robert Browning, a man who might not have had a teacher, self-taught himself in his father’s six thousand book library decided to become a poet.

One of the many poems that he wrote, My Last Duchess, is about a man whose wife just died and he is looking into a new woman to marry....