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Back in the early to mid-'80s Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammett would listen to The Stooges albums and talk Iggy, while back in Denmark even earlier, a curious young Dane had done the same.

And whether intentional or simply because they are both fundamentally feral beasts, the sheer, raw power of each others music has always made it bizarre that this show hadn’t happened far sooner.

To have the chance to host another interview involving Iggy was an enormous honor. And there was this sense of exploration, going into different universes and different aesthetics and it was really kinda crazy.

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LARS ULRICH: Well, this came on my radar right after Iggy and I were hanging out in San Francisco last year, right? LU: I was very welcomed in and we ended up having dinner together. "Gimme Danger" is new for this band, which that was sort of because of the film. I’ve seen Metallica down here many times and every time it’s the best, I mean these people are fucking outrageous. And I noticed for you (Iggy) it seemed that they took to you like a duck to water. There’s also a certain kind of courtesy, they join in as an audience, and some of it at least for me felt enthusiastic and I think some of it was also courteous. They're very generous and these crowds here, they’re very comfortable expressing their emotion.That it was spoke volumes not just for Pop, but also for Lars (the two knew each other) as well as the respect that Pop holds for Metallica.Once Lars and I sorted out how the conversation would go (I would “host” the conversation, throwing in questions where necessary but with Lars having full license to bring things where they needed to go), I knew it would be fun. I had interviewed Iggy once, back in 1988 for Magazine, an early feature I was proud of.Metallica is busier than ever, it just seems like there’s more and more going on and the days get shorter and shorter.“Hopefully we will be done writing this year.Next year we should record and hopefully have a new record out maybe next year.”In other Metallica news, the US band are currently joint favourites with Prince to headline Glastonbury this summer, after Ulrich described the gig as “the one festival to elude us”.