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The ratio of women-to-men participation in the game is , claim Samco executives.

But much more than mere involvement in the game, women investors are giving male opponents are hard run for their money.

"These days we analyse companies and their businesses before investing." HDFC Bank and Axis Bank are Chethana's best stock picks.

Gender stereotypes abound when it comes to finances.

Then it's all about investing in the right company." Need for financial independence, potential to make some quick money and long-term wealth creation possibilities seem to be beckoning women to stock markets.

Take the case of 37-year-old Sujatha Burla, who became physically challenged after an accident in 2001.

This has left Sharma disenchanted with equities in general and stock advisors in particular.

A string of wrong F&O bets -advised by a broker - opened gaping holes in Sharma's equity portfolio last year.Chethana and her set of market-savvy friends share tips and information about companies that may do well on the bourses.Chethana, a legal professional, started investing five years ago, while she was still in college."I wanted to be independent in the truest of sense... Like Kushwah, Burla also learnt market basics by investing in stocks.She started off investing in largecap stocks, but later moved down the chain to mid- and small-caps.