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(You will get wet, so wear bathing suits and water shoes).Wade right up to giant footprints made by duck-billed dinos, three-toed meat-eaters and brontosaurus types; then swim in the Blue Hole upstream, where more tracks line the ledge.Wilderness Park Mackinaw City And the list goes on.Perhaps it is due to the undeniable fact that most "colorful" words (vulgarities) are related to the sexual act or deal with excreted fluids?Get there when your kids are: Gradeschoolers More info:4.The French Quarter Why you’ve got to go: The Mardi Gras spirit lasts all year long in this surprisingly family-friendly city.Wilderness Park Mackinaw City Wilderness Park Mackinaw City Preparedness planning should starting point.

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Wilderness Park Mackinaw City No matter where price range the world, at this very moment while you might be reading this, someplace could be already tomorrow or today.A quick stroll along the Mississippi River leads to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas (the reef tunnel is amazing) and the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium (creepy crawly thrills include bug-tasting).Hop the St Charles streetcar to the lovely Garden District and the Audubon Zoo (say hi to the rare white tiger).Some are nearly 500 feet high, with jaw-dropping views of Lake Michigan and the Manitou Islands from the top. Cool off with a swim at Esch Road Beach — the pristine Lake Michigan water is brisk but refreshing.There’s great kayaking and tubing on the warmer Platte River (gear up with Dinosaur Valley State Park Why you’ve got to go: It has some of the best-preserved dinosaur tracks in the world! What to do: Rangers lead track tours through the Paluxy riverbed, best in late summer when water is shallowest.