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A Blizzard fan has been offered a free trip to Blizz Con (along with developer meet-and-greet drinks, and other assorted video game bric-a-brac) after discovering a long-lost Star Craft gold master source code disc from 1998.

Reddit user Khemist49 first stumbled across the rare disc after ordering a job lot of Blizzard goodies on e Bay. After some agonising over what to do with his new prize (with many posters encouraging him to rip and share the disc's contents), Khemist49's mind was largely made up for him; Blizzard got wind of the disc's existence and contacted him directly.

As an additional reward for finding and returning the Star Craft disc, the company said, it was offering an all-expenses-paid trip to Blizz Con (which this year takes place in Anaheim, California), including dinner and drinks with the Blizzard team. This being the internet, however, some people are unhappy that Khemist49 chose to follow legal advice and return the stolen disc.

Many initial posters felt that the contents of the disc belonged with the Star Craft community, with one poster suggesting, "If legit this is an invaluable piece of history, a source of information that could not be obtained anywhere else.

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He posted a picture of his gold disc discovery to Reddit about a month ago, asking, "Found a Star Craft Gold Master Disc from 1998. Khemist49 was informed that "the disc was in fact missing and believed to have been stolen", with Blizzard's lawyers requesting that the disc was returned, claiming that it contained "intellectual property and trade secrets." After securing legal advice, Khemist49 decided to err on the side of caution and return the disc as requested.

For his troubles, Blizzard sent him a copy of Overwatch Origins Edition and 0 credit for the Blizzard Store.

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