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[SIMON' S NOTE: this is archetypical Wired puffery, but also entertaining at the same time!

]" Designer Notes 32: Asher Vollmer "In this [podcast] episode, Soren interviews independent game developer Asher Vollmer, best known as the designer of Puzzlejuice and Threes.

Are big developers and publishers being 'greedy' by resorting to this method, or are their sales dipping, so they are trying to get back to 'even' by getting more money off bigger fans? Also, let's not forget that many NES/Super Nintendo games cost , decades ago, so the cost of premium games hasn't kept pace with inflation (at all, actually, since many prime Steam Early Access games cost closer to -.) Ultimately, I guess the end goal is clear - charge the amount of money for the game and its extras that makes the majority of your players still like you. They're in shooters, RPGs, card games, action games and MOBAs.

(It's more about sentiment per game than a particular formula? They also take the form of packs, chests and crates. I told him that I still did not believe it, and he laughed, delighted." Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES developer interview – Volume 4: Super Mario Kart "We began with experiments for a multiplayer F-ZERO game.

]" ' It Made Absolutely No Sense:' The Story of ' BMX XXX' "Playing BMX XXX is mostly like playing every other action sports game: You ride your bike around a level, do tricks, and score as many combos as possible. Thanks to the popularity of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater,action sports games were the thing.

The only difference is, in BMX XXX, game characters are not famous BMX pros, they're sometimes naked women." ' God of War' Hinges on the Bond of Its 2 New Actors "The anticipated video game's leads, who have spent years working as Kratos and his son Atreus, can finally reveal secrets about the antihero's new direction: "He's definitely a changed person."" How the biggest theft in EVE Online history ended in death threats "From record-breaking heists and scams to public assassinations and spy infiltrations, New Eden has been home to some incredible tales of espionage, theft, and political intrigue.

]" How Sony's biggest failure led to an indie renaissance "The PSP Go came out when Apple's App Store had already begun to make mobile games mainstream, but had not yet given rise to the multi-million dollar free-to-play giants we recognize today.

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