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These include Wrigley Field, Billy Goat Tavern, Metro, Churrascaria, and various bars and streets.Despite frequent second unit establishing shots of Chicago, almost all of the principal filming is done in Los Angeles.On September 11, 2009, it was confirmed on TV Guide's website that the show has been picked up for a fourth season, although it would only head back into production in January 2010, with the new season premiering on TBS July 25, 2010.The series takes place in Chicago and makes references to many real-life Chicago locations, and even suburban areas and Northwest Indiana.The network has also confirmed the order of the previously announced comedy from 30 Rock's Tina Fey, Robert Carlock and Tracey Wigfield, now titled Great News.CBS has announced more series pickups for 2016-17: a reboot of Mac Gyver, an adaptation of the film Training Day, Joel Mc Hale comedy The Great Indoors, medical drama Pure Genius, Matt Le Blanc comedy Man With a Plan, and Bull, a drama starring Michael Weatherly as Dr. The network previously confirmed an earlier series order for Kevin James comedy Kevin Can Wait.

During the first season, many of the episodes involved some of the characters going to, a sponsor of the show, that is often referenced in conversation on the show.ABC has also ordered the new comedies Downward Dog (based on the web series) and The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport (though that title is likely to change) for next season, along with time travel drama Time After Time (loosely based on the novel and 1979 film).The CW has announced its first series pickups for 2016-17, ordering Riverdale (a modern-day, live action drama based on Archie Comics), an adaptation of the film Frequency, and No Tomorrow, a dramedy from the producers of Jane the Virgin. Use and context establish tone, with an expectation for its continuation. With Due Respect is a common way of getting to this trope. Contrast with Expospeak Gag, where a slangy phrase is disguised in excessively formal language (although they can overlap if the speaker then "clarifies" what they were saying, probably while raising an eyebrow).When one suddenly uses a register, dialect, or vocabulary at a significant distance from that previously employed, the effect is fuckin' weird. More amusing is that Vay had seconds before said that Gaunt "was never a diplomat, and that insulting them is not going to help their mood." During their escape Gaunt replies, "You're right, Vay, I never could've been that diplomatic." Prefatory comment: The law is a realm in which stuffy, old-fashioned decorum is the rule of the day.