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Two follow-up singles "Lucky Day" and "Yo-Yo" both gained equally positive critical responses but failed commercially.

The album was described as electronic-influenced and garnered positive reviews and peaked at number 17 in the United Kingdom.

Academically, Roberts performed well, leaving school with ten GCSEs, but she declared her dislike of school and began discussing a musical career which led her to work with several girl groups recording demo tracks in several cases.

Their debut album, Sound of the Underground, peaked at number two in the UK and was certified Platinum. , was certified double platinum peaking at number six.

Even though I was confident in my singing ability, and I knew I had a stronger voice than most at the time same time I still had a little bit of insecurity because I'd been told Louis didn't want me.

I was never in the bottom two, though, and the producers told me I always came in the top two or three in terms of votes each week, which was great." "The people we knew, that I'd grown up with and had relationships with, just didn't see me as Nicola anymore; it was like I was this famous person and they didn't know how to speak to me. I'd had such happy times there, having parties loads of us sleeping on the beach, and it just wasn't the same.

In November 2012, Roberts reformed with Girls Aloud and in 2013, toured for the first time in over four years on their Ten: The Hits Tour. Roberts' net worth was estimated at £8.01 million in October 2014.

At the time of her birth, her father was working for the RAF and the resulting pay led to financial struggles which saw her father move to work for Ford Motor Company whilst her mother became a photographer to help the family monetary problems.