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• Fixed a number of bugs relating to gags in Battle Races.

• Improved handling of Toon disconnects during races.

Toontown is a massively multiplayer online game built for kids, teens, and adults of all ages. Before you enter, you should know that Toontown Rewritten is a fan-made revival of Disney's Toontown Online, created using publicly available downloads and information made freely available to the general public. Pack your bags, put on your fanciest accessory, and throw out those old Play Line brochures. Oh, no, no, not the final blog post ever; they can't get rid of me that easily.

Create your own Toon and join the never-ending battle against the "Cogs", who want to turn Toontown into their latest business venture. By using Toontown Rewritten, you certify that you understand that Toontown Rewritten is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company and/or the Disney Interactive Media Group (collectively referred to as "Disney") and you hereby release Disney, as well as any employees or agents of Disney, from any and all liability, corporate, or personal loss caused to you or others by the use of Toontown Rewritten. We're about to unleash our largest update yet, and enthusiasm from Toons around the world can hardly be curbed. This is the final blog post of the version 2.0.0 update, which is so massive that the Toon Council asked us to split it into four separate blog posts.

Every Estate in Toontown has been given this bucket, which you can use at any time. You'll also find yourself getting stuck in closets no longer.

The old closets were dripping glue during the hot weather of summer, but we've issued a recall and replaced all closets and accessory trunks with some shiny new ones that will let you leave the closet's clutches in peace. What would a new logo be without some new theme music to accompany it?

These districts don't allow any Toon to use Speed Chat , in case you wanted to play with other Speed Chat users without seeing mew, eek, and rarr (That's Crocodile!

Are you tired of traveling all the way back to the Playground to sell your fish?

-- Travel no longer, because have I got a deal for you: Introducing the Estate Fishing Bucket!

Think about how awesome it would be if Toon eyes would no longer be stuck closed, or if Toons could now hold all SOS cards. Let's take a look at some of the other changes going in!

In this new update, Districts are getting some changes!