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But the portions aimed directly at Americans were overpowering and hypnotic.Lasers and elaborate video projections helped pump up the energy, but A-Chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi were magnetic presences at all times, executing flawlessly synchronized dance moves.Perfume’s style has evolved quite a bit over the last decade and a half.They started out as teenagers, and dressed accordingly, but have gradually adopted a glamorous, high-fashion image, wearing matching designer outfits and performing precise choreography onstage that owes something to tai chi, a little to Balinese dance, and a little more to game-show-style sweeping hand gestures.

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But most of all, there were amazing songs, 16 in all, spanning their entire discography from early breakthroughs like “Chocolate Disco” and “Polyrhythm” (featured on the Cars 2 soundtrack) to a pair of tracks from their newest EP, “Cling Cling” and “Hold Your Hand.” The show was broadcast live to Asia, so multiple cameras flanked the stage, and the girls periodically addressed their fans at home. So when Perfume — the female vocal trio who’ve spent the last decade embodying a unique and amazing techno-pop sound and visual presentation, rising to J-pop prominence in the process — announced that they’d be playing Hammerstein Ballroom (as well as L.A.’s Hollywood Palladium), the response from their US fan base was, basically, hysteria.’s unique design to London and New York, offering fans and newcomers a rare opportunity to see outfits worn by a-chan, KASHIYUKA and NOCCHi on stage and in music videos – along with other memorabilia and artifacts from throughout their career.Not many groups release their best work a decade and a half into their career, but Cosmic Explorer – the year's most expansive and infectious J-Pop album – is Perfume's high point to date.