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Kopman, brought suit against defendants, City of Centerville and Jay Ostrem in his individual and official capacities, alleging a hostile work environment and retaliation in violation of 42 U. Centerville is governed by an elected mayor and a six-person elected city council.

Centerville is a small town located in Turner County, South Dakota.

Ostrem became Centerville's mayor in April of 2009.

Ostrem saw Kopman two to three times a week and, when he saw her, he made sexually inappropriate comments to her. For example, in the first few weeks of her job, Kopman did not have a uniform; instead, she wore a white T-shirt and jeans.

Ostrem also made comments about Kopman in front of other people, including James.

Most of the statements that James heard occurred when James and Kopman stopped at Ostrem's house at Ostrem's request.

Kopman told Ostrem at least six times that his comments made her uncomfortable and that she wanted him to stop making the comments.

She told him that his comments were disgusting, wrong, and hurtful, and she hated the statements. One time, Ostrem told Kopman that she needed to grow thicker skin.

Kopman estimated that she visited Ostrem more than once a month at his home.James felt that Ostrem was demeaning women when he made these comments.Other people also heard Ostrem make comments about Kopman, including Mario Massa, a Turner County sheriff's deputy during the relevant time period.He expressed his desire to date Kopman multiple times if only the circumstances were different.Some of Ostrem's remarks reflected comments that were being made in Centerville about Kopman.