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, Amy Fellner Dominy Emma has it all going for her—she’s about to start college and she’s been given an opportunity to go to Rome for a yearlong internship.But her boyfriend, Dillon, isn’t crazy about that idea. We and the millions of people who use this non-profit website to prevent and escape domestic violence rely on your donations.Fault Line by Christa Desir Goodreads | Amazon | My review 2013. Until it Hurts to Stop by Jennifer Hubbard Goodreads | Amazon 2013. Ethan likes sex, and he seeks out willing partners that don’t require emotional investment. A nuanced portrayal of “how” and “why” someone can be sucked into an abusive relationship.A boy struggles to support his girlfriend, who was raped at a party he did not attend. A bullied girl suffers from low self esteem which leads to poor relationship decisions. A Girl who is the daughter of the basketball coach at an elite school struggles with coming forward when one of his players assaults her. Rumors circulate about a girl who hooks up with two guys at a party and is in a car crash because she was sexting. When he hooks up with the wrong girl, he’s severely beaten by other young men. A high school cheerleader is slipped a drug and raped at cheer camp, but her friends and family rally around her as she copes with the trauma and seeks therapy.

Even though the subtitle, “A teen’s guide to breaking free of abusive relationships,” utilizes the often scoffed at misnomer “abusive relationships” (relationships are not abusive—a person is), we’ll let it slide. It’s a tough topic for obvious reasons—no teen wants to believe they’re susceptible of falling for the ruse of an abusive partner and no parent wants to imagine the possibility of someone hurting their child.Luckily, there are a lot of young adult novels out there that can do part of the heavy lifting for you.Spoiler alert: It does have a happy ending, so you can at least look forward to that.Overall, the book does well getting inside the mind of a typical teenager who struggles to consider the future, easily swept up in what appears to be a whirlwind romance.