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Thanks for being my wall neighbor, my driving buddy, and the person I can tell anything to.

Grace, I don’t know what you said during that Willi orientation room meeting in the common room, but hell I never know what you’re saying. Julia, Ju, Coolia, Ju Ju on that beat – thanks for always spicing up my life.

There is an excellent documentary about the ratings system and some of the craziness surrounding it called This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

It's been a while since I last saw it, but I remember them talking about some strange rules surrounding things like the F-word and how many thrusts can be shown in a sex scene, etc.

Another cool feature is the fact that you don’t need to register to use the service, just create a room, type in your username, scroll down and select any movie from one of the popular video platforms. Yeah, I know you need a good Internet connection and data — but who says Romance is cheap or easy?

Once selected, share the link with BAE, both of you can grab your favorite snack, turn on the video chat (By clicking on the menu bar on the top right corner &select the video chat icon) and enjoy a movie or two, together.

You were right there with her during the meeting but I could hear what you had to say (unlike Grace who sneakily says everything under breath). You are one crazy wild child and you are a constant reminder to not give a shit when you really don’t have to.

I always love hearing what you have to say – because God do you know your shit. Natalie, what better place for us to meet than Pittenger’s search class. I never know what I’m gonna get from you, thanks for making freshman year an adventure.

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In order for a film to get a 12A or PG-13 rating, it cannot contain gratuitous use of profanity: One 'Fuck' is allowed, anymore and it automatically becomes a 15 or R rated.That article features a very humorous piece of meta-textuality, referring to the Movie However, the biggest gripe the MPAA/BBFC/Other variants have is the use of the word Fuck in a sexual context, or as a verb: as in "I'm going to fuck you". and so the following films use more than one 'Fuck' but still received a PG-13: Super 8 has a great example of the Precision F-Strike (TV tropes warning).It is said by Donny, the guy who drives them to the school before getting wasted in the car.I knew you would be a sassy, witty, passionate, loyal friend and I’m so happy you finally joined our group chat. But you do have a BAE, he/she just doesn’t live in the same state/country as you do. However, in the age of the omnipresent Internet, living apart from BAE doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do something special with them, like go on a movie date. Imagine the two of you watching the same movie at the same time and in perfect sync (If he pauses the video, your video gets paused as well) while video chatting and instant messaging your observations, criticisms, and questions.