Online dating criminal record file check

This is the only national source of criminal records in Canada.

A: Sterling Talent Solutions is committed to staying at the forefront of human rights, privacy, and employment legislation in order to ensure that the services we provide are fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

Sterling Talent Solutions’ police partners provide 3 types of Criminal Record Check results: “Clear”, “Not Clear”, and “Not Clear – Accurate Disclosure”.

To provide the most accurate results, some clients choose to Zero-In on a “Not Clear” Result.

This service adds an extra layer of thoroughness to a background check, potentially flagging the existence of relevant information that may not always be revealed through a standard Canadian Criminal Record Check alone.

Learn more about our E-PIC service Sterling Talent Solutions’ proprietary web-based report delivery system provides real-time delivery of results.

Information provided as a result of this search will not include: A: Used by Canada’s largest financial institutions, electronic ID Verification (e IV) is the industry standard in confirming identity online.

Most adults in Canada have experienced Electronic ID Verification at one time or another.If someone fails the process (most often this is because they have a limited credit history), they can be directed as a fallback to Sterling Talent Solutions’ 2nd and 3rd ID verification options.Hiring Manager / Company Representative ID Verification Having a candidate’s identification verified in person is always an option when a Hiring Manager is available to meet with your candidate.STEP 1 – Simply send an electronic invitation to your candidate’s email account STEP 2 – Candidate provides consent from any internet access point STEP 3 – When a Criminal Record Check is ordered, the candidate’s identity must be verified.There are 3 ID verification options available from Sterling Talent Solutions STEP 1 – Simply send an electronic invitation to your candidate’s email account STEP 2 – Your candidate provides consent online from home or any computer with access to the internet (and optionally can pay as well) STEP 3 – Your candidate completes the ID Verification process, there are three convenient options available Applicants can securely share results with organizations within their community.