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A parenting support group can provide comfort and advice from others in the same situation.

These groups are available in most communities as well as online.

Initially, it may be difficult to understand the point of participating in a support group.

It's the teen who has the problem, so how does a parent benefit from participating in this type of group?

Some groups are more structured than others; some focus more on parent education and some focus primarily on giving and receiving support.

You might wonder, “What was it like to minister to kids when they were...All of our holidays for single parents are in group settings, with ready made friends for the children but also like-minded company for the adults too.Have a look at our Single With Kids holiday makers page to see the wide variety of families who join us on our single parent holidays.Historically, the death of a partner was a major cause of single parenting.Single parenting can also result from the breakup or divorce of coupled parents who leave and choose to not co-parent, thus leaving one parent to raise and support the child on their own.