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However, laying the PDA on so thick can also mean that a couple feels like they have something to prove to the world about their bond.“They may be insecure and overly touchy in public to show ‘ownership,’” Stark notes.On the flip side, making out in public really makes a statement — and can make onlookers uncomfortable if the couple in question is getting hot and heavy.For those couples still in the honeymoon phase, they’re probably so infatuated with each other that it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, Bennett says — and good for them.The classic gentlemanly act of opening car or building doors is all about putting your partner’s needs before your own — but both women and men can display it, of course.“Holding the door open, pulling out a chair, letting your partner sit instead of stand — these gestures show respect,” Parkus says.

Drew Phillips and Scott Cleveland set out to find those who insist on making it weird for all of us... The way we behave with each other reveals so much about the state of our unions, our deepest feelings and ourselves.But how you interact with your significant other is likely even more telling, particularly in public.This gesture is not only thoughtful, it shows the physical closeness and ease a couple has with one another. “Since the thighs are in close proximity to sexual hot spots, a couple touching in that area shows they desire sexual contact,” Fisher says.A twosome whose go-to is this PDA move is likely very much into the intimate side of their relationship, but they don’t feel the need to be overt about it.