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Eventually I finished up the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and joinedmy aunt and Tracy in the living room."John," my aunt began, "Tracy and I were just saying that we need tocall you something feminine. Two boys whistled appreciably at the leg show I hadprovided. We entered the beauty parlour and Debbie introduced herself. As soon as I sat in the chair Debbie and two other beauticians Practically attacked me! The second installed ceramic nails and pierced my ears.

Debbie, meanwhile, cut my hair, gave me a perm and plucked my eyebrows.

I called the woman I stayed with "Aunt" Helen although she wasn'treally a relation.

She, too, was divorced with a daughter named Tracy.

On fateful night as we watched TV my whereabouts, which had enjoyedsome brief national attention became news again.

My aunt made a tremendous fuss when I entered the kitchen, making mestand still as she walked around me.

It was weird wearing girlsclothes but I tried to make the best of it and play along.

My mother hid me at one of her childhood friend's houses in Texas.

Thejudge put Mom in jail until she revealed my whereabouts while my fatherhired a Private Investigator to find me.