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But with only a wire separating his voice from my brain, it feels like we’re in the same room, talking and touching one-on-one. Lately Émilie had been gravitating toward threesome scenes because at least they were all talking to each other.

The absence of a screen forces my imagination to fill in the blanks with my own visuals. I perked up as I sipped my tepid Corona—Émilie was hardly the first person I’d heard voice these frustrations, but she was unique in her pursuit of solutions.

I needed to know, so I kept pressing “play.” Audio magnifies whispers and swallows, humanizing the performer and creating a tangible experience that photography and video can’t compete with.

(She and the panty fetishist had long since parted ways.) Everyone in her suburb simply thought she was another rich housewife; I imagine her like an audio-porn version of protagonist Nancy Botwin, a pot-dealing suburbanite.Out of curiosity, she told me, she had tried typing “audio porn” into her browser and found a neglected Blogspot full of 1960s audio erotica: The campy dialogue was ridiculous, but the actors’ moans and groans, sprinkled amid the punchlines, turned Émilie on.One track was enough for her, but my curiosity was piqued.When confronted, he revealed his closeted panty fetish and desire to be gently dominated. Her response was empathetic; she headed to the library and checked out Gloria Brame’s ) The teasing drove him crazy, and it gave her “a great idea for the makings of a little hobby”—and possibly a business.In 1993, Shattuck placed a half-page ad in a fetish magazine offering .95 cassettes full of tracks like “Stilettos on Your Balls” and “Wear My Panties.” Shattuck didn’t expect much commerce and hadn’t even recorded the tracks yet.