Problems updating batman arkham asylum

Motion Blur The Motion Blur option toggles the blurring effect that is visible when Batman is moving or turning very quickly.In both halves of the screenshot above, the camera viewport was panning very quickly from side to side.Extensive testing of NVIDIA's Phys X and what it means to your gameplay experience! Batman: Arkham Asylum is not resplendent with an abundance of graphics options, but it is at least respectable.There are fourteen total options, seven of which we are actually concerned about here.During our testing, we found that it doesn’t seem to actually have any visible effect on image quality.The above image clearly shows that the Bloom setting doesn’t seem to affect either the flared spotlights or the smaller lights in the guard tower in the background.

In the bottom half of the image, the ripple is not visible, since the Distortion effect was disabled.Being spoon-fed details of the PC version's enhancements hasn't made things any easier, but the wait is finally over.Now that we've finally played the PC version, I'm happy to report that it will be the definitive version of Arkham City... I won't go on at length about the core gameplay experience, as you've probably already read 17 reviews of the console version; instead I'm here to focus on the PC version's differences.Combat flows perfectly with twin analog sticks, but turns into a drunken brawl when I'm wrestling with a mouse-controlled camera.The focus on fisticuffs means we don't need the precision of a mouse to pull off 1,000 yard headshots, so put that mouse to the side and get comfy with a control pad.