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I have no time line yet, but as soon as I know about availability I will post that information here. Well it's probably easier for you to read for yourself, so here is the link. The King of Ashes, the first book in a new world from Raymond E. It is envisaged that it will be submitted to the publisher in the coming months, and likely to be published in 2017.Although you may see May 2016 at some online retailers, this is the current state of play. Rights issues on Jimmy and the Crawler have been resolved. There was some issue regarding the titles in the US published by Bantam and we are attempting to resolve it.If you've not read her solo stuff, this is a great place to start.Find out more at Ray just posted the following OK, this is not 100% official, but it's HIGHLY likely I will be making my first visit to South Africa for the Open Book Festival in Cape Town, September 17 to the 21st.

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