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(decree) from 1793 required that the ships of the Ottoman Navy were to use a red flag with the star and crescent in white.

In 1844, a version of this flag, with a five-pointed star, was officially adopted as the Ottoman national flag.

Each situation demonstrates partner unsuitability, because of how an inappropriate setting or insensitive behavior affects the other partner.

Creating anxiety, discomfort, or insecurity is a surefire way to make your next date with someone your last. Time Zone: Living in the Past Research by Marisa T.

The five-pointed star seems to have been present alongside these variants from at least 1857.

Proportional standardisations were introduced in the Turkish Flag Law (Turkish: It has been suggested that the star-and-crescent used in Ottoman flags of the 19th century had been adopted from the Byzantines.

Franz Babinger (1992) suggests this possibility, noting that the crescent alone has a much older tradition also with Turkic tribes in the interior of Asia.

They have even been known to telephone their victims as a first introduction.

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