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We bring along the camera and take lots of pictures. ~Arlene You know i’m super girlie and I know this sounds so redneck but going to a shooting range. They have pretty guns to choose from and they have targets that you can play games on like battleship or hangman. We have to be sneaky while we’re shopping so the other person doesn’t see what we buy (kind of like Christmas!

Even if we only have a couple of hours, we make the most of them. ) Then we drive somewhere else and swap gifts–maybe over a cup of coffee or a shared dessert.

We had toddler children, so we aren’t plugged into HS sports at all, but it was fun to watch the antics of the high school kids and cheer on the school that my girls will eventually go to HS at. ~Diana My hubby and I may go on an eagle sighting excursion … ~Ellen Community theater is great (and usually free if you volunteer to usher or help with concessions! Also, a neighborhood coffee shop with (or without) board games.

~Helene My husband and I love to go to a pottery painting place and make mugs for each other (with hidden messages) or paint project that takes contributions from both of us (we made a turn table with several tiles) and we’ve made all kinds of things.

~Kathleen One time I surprised my husband by taking him to the local high school basketball game. You can end up with some really random stuff this way (and some fun memories!

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Find out what they’re up to and if any island romances continued or fizzled out on the mainland. Jeremy Since then, I’ve seen Parigi a lot and hung out with Jorden.

I may be moving to Georgia soon to be with the woman of my dreams I met after the show. Jami I’m still single, living in Foley, Alabama, and ready for summertime!

Her name is Alyssa – some may know her from appearing on the second season of Party Down South in Athens. Other than that, I’m raising my beautiful daughter.

As far as love interests go, I love all the pretty girls.

I’m going to have fun with all the wrong ones until I find the right one.