Sensual chat bots

Programs playing this role are sometimes referred to as Artificial Conversational Entities, talk bots or chatterboxes.In addition, however, chatterbots are often integrated into dialog systems for various practical purposes such as offline help, personalised service, or information acquisition.

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In the olden days — the AOL Instant Messenger days — they were called chatterbots or chatbots (remember Smarter Child? All these could do was reply to your messages in a semi-coherent way."Digital affairs are as sensual — and heartbreaking — as the real thing," the about the future of humans' relationships with artificial intelligence and the likelihood of the film becoming a reality. The new Microsoft chatbot Xiaolce (pronounced like "Shao ice") will converse with you via messages on your smartphone and, for millions of Chinese people, is swiftly becoming the go-to place for emotional support.Xiao Ice is a "social assistant" — in other words, she's a virtual friend that can be added on major Chinese social networks, Bing's blog on its website.Using a bot offers a more personalized searching experience than just using Google and, ideally, it's more convenient than having to hop out of your chat app and into another to get something done.A lot of app companies are making bots a companion to their app experiences.