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Even back then IRC (more on what IRC is later in the article) was the place to hang out, yet, in IRC's infancy a popular software piracy channel had maybe 300 people hanging out (the internet was new -- we were geeks).

Right now, IRC channels for comic piracy have those same sort of numbers -- around 300 people in them. Faster and cheaper computers and more people on the net.

To access them you merely have to use a news "reading" program, such as Forte Agent.

You join newsgroups, download message lists, and then download whatever message have the comics you wanted imbedded in them.

As well, you can make requests for a certain comic to be made available, but that doesn't mean it ever will be.

Newsgroups, in my opinion, are an outdated distribution system.

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Anyone can use a scanner and so anyone can pirate comics. Look at what's happened to music sharing -- it's exploded.

Once a comic has been posted, chances are, if you miss it, it won't be posted again or not for quite awhile.

Nothing like getting every issue of a series except #7.

The truly significant comics piracy occurs via IRC, DC and Bit Torrent.

One DC site called The Batcave has people connected to it who have upwards of 400 GB (yes, GB) of comics.