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I am a 36 year old mother of 4 with my fifth child on the way, I have put my families need before my own as I have always believed it should be,but in recent times I have found myself feeling so lonely and my husband seems to have none or very little time to spend with... Well, I've been married for a little over half a year but with my husband for 4 years in total. We are in nearing our 50s and for the past few years my husband, who I love very much, has had difficulties keeping an erection since he has started taken blood pressure pills. The spokesperson reports that many older men have started finding perfect companions through their... he's 31, and the best at making sure we are well taken care of financially, (even though I work full time as well). I feel our relationship has changed drastically for the worse and I feel like I'm the only one that sees it . We not sexually active and we dnt always c eye to eye just like any other relationship.

When we first got married i guess you can say we were pretty happy. I don't know, i guess maybe i'm just not seeing something or maybe... At first it was not so bad as we both enjoyed foreplay which led to a climax but recently I have just... His job is 7 days a week, 3rd shift.sometimes weekends for 12 hr shifts. He has love for me and wants a future because we "have a"system" but he's not head over heals for me. Husband loves to play poker, sometimes he doesn't come home until 6am. My husband is ill and has been since I've known him, only the... He has cheated on me many time and I forgive him cause I dnt thing I want out of my marriage for what...

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He is a recovering addict of severe drug abuse, has only been clean a little over half a year, and has... My husband got laid off unexpectedly and has chosen to start his own business. I don't believe in a marriage without intimacy, I am already trying to end my marriage because I don't want... I don't feel that we are partners in life, or that he wants to share emotional intimacy. He wants sex, but he doesn't do much to make me feel like he wants to have sex with ME (if that makes any sense). HI, I have been married for 33 years 21 years ago my wife came home from work and said she would not have sex of any kind any more.

My husband and I have been married for 10 years, we got married fairly young. All of the personality traits that attract me to him... She does not hug me, kiss me, or even let me see her naked.

he is allowed one weekend off a month, but he's such a work alcholic that he... He's tired of things but doesn't want to lose what we have. He usually doesn't answer my calls or text when hes playing poker. My husband has cheated on me with drugs, lies and now, video games.

I say cheated because I always come second, as if I am the mistress and he is married to one or the other. That's his reason why, I don't want to be intimate with someone who desires me less so I lost my interest on sex with him as well. But the dynamic of our day-to-day relationship has changed. for 18yrs in a relationship with him for 8yrs and married for just over a yr we have four children but none together he works full time I do housework and run round after our kids and him 2mounths after we married I found he was talking to another woman about us and she wanted...