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For example, he became famous at the cricket matches between the TUC General Council and industrial journalists for diving to the ground to hold well-nigh impossible one-handed catches.

His opponent was the formidable and effective ex-marine Charlie Turnock who, from my experience of him on the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party, would also have made a very effective major trade-union leader.During the campaign Weighell denounced Knapp as an extremist: "Wet behind the ears.A stooge of the Communists and the Trotskyite left.Knapp was prepared to go further than usual because he sensed that the chief executive of Railtrack, another lifelong railway man, John Edmonds, and his industrial relations team had sympathy with the union case.The 1994 dispute came to the boil when Knapp was surreptitiously given internal company memoes indicating an early willingness to make an offer of 5.7 per cent to the union.