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Clips showing the satirical appearances of French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni in the episode became Internet hits in France, with hundreds of thousands of views on Dailymotion and You Tube.The episode opens at a retirement party for the current Sector 7G supervisor at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.The photographer loosens her up with red wine, and she ends up revealing more than she planned.Marge and her erotic poses are soon the hottest talk in town.Just as Homer, Lenny, and Carl are celebrating their freedom from supervision, plant owner Mr.Burns arrives and chooses Carl as the new supervisor, after quickly deducing that he is the only semi-competent employee of the three.

Van Der Werff added that "while the flip side of the usual husband/wife sexual dynamics had a few promising jokes in it and while there were the usual funny sight gags and one-liners, the entirety of the episode felt stale.

Back in Springfield, Bart and Lisa bail on Marge's dinner, and Ned shows up alone because Rod and Todd have been grounded.

The innocent dinner soon turns romantic, and Marge and Ned nearly kiss, until Marge catches sight of her wedding photo in Ned's glasses and realizes that it would be wrong.

This becomes an unhappy trend, and Marge feels ignored.

Homer tries to make up for it by taking Marge out to a hotel.

Sexy devils dating sexy devils sexuality