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Despite restraint, Karana jumps off the ship and swims to shore and the ship departs without them.The siblings live alone on the island, hoping the ship will return.The tribe is reduced with Karana's father and many other men in the tribe dying in battle against the well-armed Russians who escape largely unscathed.Later, the "replacement chief" Chief Kimki leaves the island on a canoe for new land in the East.

Alone on the island, Karana takes on traditionally male tasks, such as hunting, making spears, and building canoes to survive.As she explores her island, Karana discovers ancient artifacts and a large squid (which she calls a devilfish). She also tames some birds and an otter while feeling a close kinship to the animals (the only inhabitants of the island beside herself).One summer, the Aleuts return and Karana takes refuge in the cave.The main character is a Native American girl named Karana.She has a brother named Ramo, whose curiosity usually leads to trouble, and a sister named Ulape.