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We know nothing about the methodology used by Chatroulette Map.If they excluded data points for any reason or did not sample randomly, our analysis could be skewed.We soon had detailed data on 2,883 Chatroulette sessions that tied users to geography, gender, appearance, and more.Here are a few highlights from our findings: About half of all Chatroulette spins connects you with someone from the USA. Of the spins showing a single person, 89% were male and 11% were female.

It can also be thrown off by users taking advantage of proxy servers or using other techniques to disguise their IP addresses.

His last guest post was an analysis of Twitter user data.

It's no surprise that Chatroulette is the latest media darling.

Human image recognition is imperfect (even if mitigated by our vote convergence system).

Any images that were judged incorrectly could skew the results.