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Keeping NRIC data private The Personal Data Protection Commission said that NRIC details should be collected only where the law requires it, or when it is necessary to verify someone's identity "to a high degree of fidelity", under the proposed rules. • Entry into secured buildings such as medical facilities. The illiterate housewife, who has eight children, also claims she has not been able to use a single cent of the 0,000 "reparation sum" because her youngest son blocked her access to the funds.

It currently allows and continues to allow NRIC use without consumers' consent for: • Seeking medical treatment in hospitals and clinics. But it wants consumers to have the right to refuse to hand over their NRIC details or card when: • Redeeming free parking from mall operators. The money, deposited in a bank account held by herself, fourth son and co-plaintiff Lim Chin Hwa, 55, and youngest son Chin Sin, 47, can be withdrawn only if all three agree.

Madam Tan moved back with Chin Hwa in February 2011.

Not long after, the maintenance order granted by the tribunal was rescinded on Chin Sin's application.

The public consultation will also address scenarios that would require a copy of an NRIC - which contains sensitive data such as name, photograph, thumbprint and home address. Organisations will have up to 12 months from the release of the new advisory on NRIC use, expected to be in mid-2018, to change their business practice. Lawyer Gilbert Leong, senior partner at Dentons Rodyk & Davidson, said care must also be taken to protect the use of one's cellphone number. Irene Tham Source: Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. High Court case pits widow, 4th son against three other sons over late husband's estate An 89-year-old widow and her fourth son are suing three of his brothers in a fight over property and a sum of 0,000, which she said her late husband had paid her to make amends for his infidelity and abusive behaviour.

"The mobile number is increasingly becoming a part of one's digital identity; one-time passwords are sent and payments can be made to one's mobile phone," he said. • Emergencies where medical workers need to ascertain the blood type or allergies of a patient. Madam Tan Lwee contends that even though she was named as the co-owner of three HDB shophouses in Teck Whye, Serangoon and Jurong, she has never received any rental income from the properties.

But the current rules governing NRIC use do not mandate that service providers provide alternative methods to identify consumers.

"The indiscriminate collection and use of individuals' NRIC numbers is of special concern as it increases the risk that the NRIC numbers may be obtained and used for illegal activities such as identity theft and fraud," the privacy watchdog said in the consultation document.

Such risks arise as the NRIC number is a permanent and irreplaceable identifier, which can be used to unlock vast amounts of personal information, including income details, residential address and medical status.

Rule 703(1) states that an issuer must announce any information known to the issuer concerning it or any of its subsidiaries or associated companies which is necessary to avoid the establishment of a false market in the issuer's securities or would be likely to materially affect the price or value of its securities.

Rule 703(2) exempts information from disclosure if it would be a breach of law to disclose.