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This episodes is big on letting us know how the HIMYM reoccurring theme of "let the universe do its thing", really effects the characters in the show.Although things didn't go the way Ted wanted them to in the episode, he ended up not having to leave NYC.For several years they lived with Marshall in the same apartment. They meet when Stella, a dermatologist, removes a lower back tattoo that Ted had gotten while drunk, and Ted is instantly smitten. He has strong feelings for her, even though she is already married and is leading a campaign to preserve the building that Ted's company, GNB, plans to knock down to make way for the skyscraper that Ted has always wanted to design. In the year 2030, six years after Tracy's death, he tells them the story of how he met their mother.She is fiercely protective of Ted, and even goes so far as to break him up with women she does not believe are right for him - including Robin. She rejects his advances at first, but he wins her over after taking her on a two-minute date, complete with dinner, a movie and a goodnight kiss. She leaves her husband, The Captain, for him, and he briefly considers abandoning his dream of contributing a building to the New York City skyline so they can be together. At the end of the season finale, they convince Ted to go after Robin.

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The series ends in the year 2030, with Tracy having died six years before.

By the time Ted tells his children the story, he and Marshall have been friends for 34 years.

Marshall has always had faith in Ted's relationship with Robin, as well, encouraging to go after her.

Ted also refers to his son as Luke, years before meeting Tracy.

It is theorized that Penny's name comes from a specific episode in season 2, episode 15 titled "Lucky Penny".