Starting mysql manager of pid file quit without updating

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Not sure why, which frightens me, but I'm working from a cruise boat with a poor connection and the important thing was to fix it.

It appears that what's happened is that the My SQL daemon has stopped catastrophically for some reason.

It's confused into thinkig it should be referring to a PID file which didn't exist, and because it's crashed, it's refusing to restart. Ensure that /etc/contains: And restart the server as this will overstep the problem above, and also recover the databases; error recovery levels of 1 or 2 are likely to let you recover (almost) everything we're told, and I have the previous good backup anyway, so I can restore if I need to.

Therefore, I need to start it again after the update is done. During the system upgrade, the OS may disable some of your daemons.

Unfortunately, the upgrade process is not smooth every time. Instead of troubleshooting each one by one, the easiest way is to start everything over.