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However, Scherzinger was later promoted to the empty judge slot vacated by Cheryl Cole, and Jones was slated to present the show solo.In between filming the X Factor USA season one in Los Angeles, Jones appeared as a guest on The Ellen De Generes Show where he talked about being a model, life in Los Angeles and working on The X Factor USA.In 2006, he worked on Transmission with T-Mobile with XFM DJ Lauren Laverne.

In January 2012, Jones announced that he had been dropped as presenter of The X Factor USA.Last summer, I struggled up and over Catbells, a 1,480-foot hill above Derwentwater--a walk I've recommended for years (and felt guilty having never actually hiked in its entirety). But I was glad I ventured out -- I welcomed the wind "blowing the cobwebs out" (as my B&B host warned) atop Catbells, the comedic baaing of sheep, and being "the stick figure on the ridge" for those observing from distant farms or boats on the lake..others have been the stick figures for me. Studying the light on ruddy faces while sipping the local brew has always been part of the magic of travel in Britain.When your face is weather-stung and your legs ache happily with accomplishment, a pub's ambience sparkles even brighter.On the other hand, Harvey cautioned women against being too easily impressed with minimal action or attention from a man either.Stephen Ashton Jones (born 16 March 1977) is a Welsh television presenter, who currently leads the presenting team on Channel 4 F1.