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Sometimes, as an aside, Frank will call for a wrong-answer clip to be played to add humor to the show.

This is similar to the first round, but the object is to guess who got the question wrong; for each question, only two of the "savants" are considered (one of whom answered correctly), and correct guesses are now worth 0.

Meanwhile, television screens positioned next to their chairs would show the score.

Beginning in season two and continuing for the remainder of the series, the contestants stood behind a desk for the whole show and recorded their answers by way of pushing buttons.

The round was known as "Pick Your Pony" for the first three seasons and "Pick Your Brain" in the final two seasons.

If the dunce gets the question wrong, 0 goes to the person who hit the buzzer.Most of the questions asked of the savants are designed to be things people should know, but apparently do not (similar to the segment Jaywalking on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno).For example, in one episode, a savant was asked "What color is the exterior of the White House?The "right" reference is indicated in green; the "wrong" reference in red.Before the final commercial break, a question is asked.