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Eleven Christian organizations on campus, which in protest to the new rules formed "Vanderbilt Unity," said the all-comers policy violates their religious freedom because being able to elect faith-filled leaders is integral to the survival of a religious group.

Their performing arts companies, museums, concert venues, sports stadiums and movie theaters make them tops for entertainment in the Livability Index. Stargazing is one attraction—if only because Dolly Parton lives nearby.

Vanderbilt administrators have argued from the beginning that the policy was not implemented to stifle religious freedom, but rather to ensure nondiscrimination in student organizations, especially regarding one's sexuality."While we respect the governor's position on Vanderbilt's policy, we are gratified by his rejection of government intrusion into private institutions and their ability to govern and set policies themselves," Vanderbilt Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos said in a prepared statement, as reported by The Tennessean. However, The Tennessean contends that this veto will stick, as the state's lawmakers adjourned their sessions for the year Tuesday, and expressed no plans to hold an emergency meeting to re-vote the legislation. Haslam's desk within the next few days to receive his official veto signature.

was the first to report.) As for why we've yet to see the duo out and about, a source told the publication she's used wigs and disguises to go completely unnoticed while getting to know 26-year-old Joe in the U. Additionally, reports Swift is renting a home in North London and has jet set across the pond thanks to private planes and "military-like" efforts taken by the Grammy winner' security personnel. At the conclusion of her visit, Swift, 27, was photographed boarding a private jet flying out of Nashville.

Police in Minnesota are hailing a 15-year-old girl for her bravery after they say she survived a harrowing month-long ordeal during which she was repeatedly raped and beaten by her captors, until she finally escaped by swimming across a lake to safety.

Authorities in Alexandria shared details of the victim's kidnapping and rescue on Wednesday, also revealing that the girl played a key role in helping police capture her suspected kidnappers, one of whom was a family acquaintance.