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Besides a CD he had many Cdn decorations as well as medals from the British Government (Arctic Star) and from the South Korean government.

During most of this service to Canada, wife Carol raised 2 boys and 2 girls. Mary Brown February 28, 1922 – October 7, 2017 Mary (Mom) passed away October 7th smiling and peaceful with her family at her side.

You say to your friend "That homeboys moves are the JAM!But since s#*t isn't really a good thing and JAM is, whether it be a Jam band, actual jam for your samich, or any other jam, we are sticking with JAM.Since the 80's style is back in fashion, the 80's Revival Company has charged itself with completing a sociological experiment to the max. Lots of mouse or gel in the hair, makeup on the face, loud colors, etc. To 'brown nose.' To take something that rightfully belongs to someone else.Wore plaid peg leg pants with buckles and straps, combat boots, brightly colored hair usually spiked in some manner, ripped Punk Band T-Shirt of choice- preferably not washed in ages, Leather, dog chains, piercings and generally walked around with a pissed off appearance.Sid Vicious was their hero and the Sex Pistols were the music of choice.