Totaly online dating

Its just they talk everyday and she loves to call him about things that have nothing to do with the kid.

I just can't stand the thought of them talking at all let alone when they don't need to.

I understand that he is trying to possibly keep the peace with his ex, but realistically, do you really think that he was sincere about abandoning ever seeing his child again for you?

If that was true, I am not sure he would be catering to his ex as much as he is.

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One thing is they weren't together too long only 3 and a half years and she get pregnant less then a year after they started dated and is probably the only reason why they were together so long.

She still has the ability to get under his skin and her him and enjoys doing it like the other day she told him that his son hates him and doesn't love him. So in all any advice how to feel better about her and that he is over her or one day will be fully over her.

Hi, After reading your post I was really hoping that someone had an answer for you. My boyfriend and I have lived together for just over 3years now, his ex calls him almost on a daily basis.

She and new bf went out one night for dinner and to a bar for drinks, dancing and bf ran into ex gf. She will come over to get the kids and try to cry to him about what is happening with her bf's.

He told my her he would be right back he was gunna go and talk to her. He tries to ignore her but her sobbing get annoyingly louder.