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Available as whole fish, 8 to 10 ounces in size, these “Ruby Red Rainbow Trout” are absolutely 100% boneless and can be enjoyed carefree.

For those who prefer not to prepare the head, boned fillet is also available.

The next time you happily dine on trout, or cast a lure into a serene mountain brook, tip your fork or rod to Monsieur Dom Pichon, the French monk who lived in the 14th century and began the world’s first trout farm.

Still using Friar Pichon’s technology, hatcheries now raise and stock trout into rivers and streams.

Shipped daily, these delicious “Ruby Red Rainbow Trout” are produced naturally, and have a firm texture with a mild citrus flavor.

Packed for overnight delivery moments after harvest, the only way to get fresher trout is to catch ‘em yourself.

Photo: Schaffer trying his luck under one of many overhanging willows on the Chimehuin river.

Last year, that valley reared nearly 50 million pounds of fish, two-thirds as frozen, pre-packaged brook trout.

Recently, one small independent farmer noticed that the spring water on his farm was replete with microscopic freshwater shrimp, crabs and crayfish.

It ranges from 25 microteslas near the equator to 65 microteslas toward the poles.

To put the strength that into perspective, it's more than a hundred times weaker than a refrigerator magnet.