Tulisa dating danny simpson

Her series of tweets started with her saying: ' They want me 2 shut up ...be a lifeless robot that plays their shallow media games. a » Tulisa has branded her boyfriend's former lovers 'lying skanks'.Speaking at Contostavlos's G-a-y performance on Saturday (November 17), Simpson allegedly maintained that he (more) » - By Daniel Sperling X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos isn't making friends with her new boyfriend's ex girlfriend, Stephanie Ward called Tulisa a home wrecker last week.

'' As far as I'm concerned he has cheated on me because we hadn't broken up or anything.Ward is three months pregnant with her second child by soccer player Danny Simpson, and claims she thought they were still going out when pictures of him romancing the singer emerged last week.She told The Sun newspaper: '' She's a home-wrecker. Danny has humiliated me in front of my family, friends and the whole nation.'' I am numb and I've gone through the emotions in the last 24 hours.At first I was upset, » Tulisa Contostavlos's boyfriend Danny Simpson has told friends he has "moved on" from his previous relationship.