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They have huge deer ranches there and the ranchers want to grow big bodies and big antlers as fast as possible.They are so far ahead of us that you can actually go to college in New Zealand and get a specific degree in “Deer forage production.” Luckily Bio Logic brings this technology here to the US for us to use.If they don’t have to play catch-up then they can express their true antler growing capability.There are many choices in commodity seeds that we have planted for whitetail over the years.

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Food plots can transform deer management, even on small tracts, and make your hunting dreams come true.

Think about the fact that some bucks may loose 30% of their body weight during the rut.

The spring and summer is when their playing catch-up.

So they can only use about 100 pounds per acre without destroying the area.

An average adult deer will consume 6 pounds of feed per day.