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Now that we’ve done all the crawls, we need to open up the XLS spreadsheet called "Final Crawled Test Site" from Screaming Frog. First, delete the row across the top named "Internal HTML".Then do the same for number "2," if this is a blank row.This can help you spot any problems areas, in addition to enabling you to see which areas must be retained. Sometimes it’s worth checking more, but these are top-level checks: Using your Screaming Frog data, I advise checking the following: This stage is simple; yet it’s the point where many redesigns go awry.

Highlight both Title 1 columns and go to Conditional Formatting Duplicate Values. I go about this by looking at the Page Title 1 closest to the left, (the one from the test site) then copy the text.This is a little trickier; hence, why most CMS have a box-ticking option.If your CMS doesn't allow for this, you can put the following in your file: User-agent: * Disallow: / No CMS?The best way to grab this data is to use a tool like Screaming Frog.Once you have the current site’s meta data and structure, you will know how to match the new site up. Free tools like Woorank will do the job, but I strongly advise you to get your hands dirty and manually do the work yourself.