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The goal of most of those who join the association is to reach the grade of "Full Membership/Fellowship".This qualification is validated by a thorough examination of a candidate's experience, strengths and weaknesses, and is therefore recognised throughout the world as proof of expertise.A valid OPN membership guarantees continued access to benefits and maintains the validity of agreements.Your membership must be validated annually and renewed every two years.If you want to change your credit card information, you’ll need to update your account.You can prepay one year of a Creative Cloud membership when you purchase through a retailer (such as Best Buy).A prepaid card costs the same as purchasing an annual plan directly from Adobe.You can use a prepaid card to extend the duration of any membership.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks or offer invoicing.

If your payment information is up to date for your Creative Cloud for teams membership, you don't need to do anything.

Your membership will renew automatically at the current price of the offering.

If you are already a full member and have worked at a senior level in the industry for at least fifteen years and above then you could be suitable for Fellowship "FOSHA", after thorough evaluation by the membership team.

This is the highest grade of membership at OSHAssociation worldwide.