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Operated by the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority, Kutsuplus was the best-known component of Helsinki’s and Finland’s intelligent traffic system. But late last year, Helsinki authorities shut down Kutsuplus, deeming its cost to taxpayers too high.The blue minibuses picked up their last passengers on December 31.From the original 15 buses, the fleet was to grow to 45 vehicles in 2016, 100 vehicles in 2017, and later into the thousands.Achieving scale with this model is crucial in order to optimize trips across an entire fleet.

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That’s not really something you can control yourself, because congestion and other circumstances affect it too.” Riders took to it.

Second was the significant public cost of doing that.

The transport authority had big expansion plans for Kutsuplus.

The two times my family and I used Kutsuplus, we had the bus to ourselves.

The math looks different if you add lots of riders and lots of buses.