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Even though it was intended to move at only a snail’s pace, it violates their safety rules to not have everything strapped down with safety harnesses.It qualifies as a “stunt”, and they were not expecting one.A maximum of 25 entries can be returned by a single query.Note: Students at Marshall University may designate their address information as being confidential, and thus will not be listed in the Electronic Phonebook.Employee Information on this page came from the Human Resources Database.

Side note: This is not the first time I’ve filmed on the USC campus while holding an apple (including biting into it on camera at the end! Second Street | San Jose, CA 95113 408-831-3168Maps/Directions TICKET PRICES for Camera 3 Downtown PLEASE NOTE: The Camera Cinemas are not affiliated with Fandango, and not responsible for any incorrect showtimes provided by them.Please check this website, or movietickets.com, for correct times to purchase tickets.× Finding your passion is simple, so ask yourself this: What inspires you?Whatever it is, the College of Arts and Media can help you hone your skills to achieve your dreams.