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And if the "answers available" date isn't in the future, they'll be able to get the answers.

Consider what you want to tell your students about your willingness to answer email in the hours before the due time.

The same caution goes if you write your own problems. Add problems to Target Set (select here) then under the "Browse" paragraph the "National Problem Library" should be grayed out since it should be automatically the selection.

You can then select Subject, Chapter, Section and click "View Problems".

Note you can test the printability of all your homeworks at once by Homewok Sets - It will help you find any mistake, and it is the only way to be in a good position to help your students.

It also gives you a chance to find errors and either fix them, or get one of us to fix them, before your students find them.

Here's the list of the functions which We BWor K understands.

You can use the Feedback button on each problem page to send e-mail to the professors.

If you create it in the "Hmwk Sets Editor", it defaults to visible (though in both cases the default is not to assign it to any students).] Note on assigning problem sets: attempts to edit problem sets that are not assigned to you can result in strange error messages.

Hmwk Sets Editor - Click on the numbers under "Edit Assigned Users" in the row corresponding to the homework you want to assign.

One option on the page that comes up will be the "Assign to All Current Users" which is almost always what you want to do. If you discover a problem with a set you have already assigned to students and you need to hide it from them, you can make that set "hidden" in the "Hmwk Sets Editor" (you'll have to make it visible again once you are ready for students to see it again).

However, if you are having trouble figuring out your error, you should consult the book, or ask a fellow student, one of the TA's or your professor for help.

Don't spend a lot of time guessing -- it's not very efficient or effective.