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PHOTOS: Le Ann Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Through Their Year Of Marriage “Honestly, I didn’t. All I thought was that I wanted to get back at Eddie because he broke my heart too.Le Ann Rimes' husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, has responded publicly to accusations his ex-wife made about the singer in an interview, saying flatly that she is lying.We are very cordial with each other, and it’s nice not to have to run out the room when we see each other,” she confesses.PHOTOS: Le Ann Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Welcome In 2013 In Cabo “I’d like to be friends with her one day.We run in the same circles, so I don’t think it would be a crazy thing if it happened, but it’s still too soon.” Scheana says she now regrets her actions and understands Brandi’s fury with her.“Brandi was angry with me because I didn’t think about her feelings when I was interviewed by Access Hollywood about the affair,” Scheana says.“He was like, ‘I’m so sorry I lied to you.’ He then switched the conversation and said, ‘by the way, are you still doing the acting thing?I have a project I’m funding, and there’s a role for you that would be great.’” Needless to say, Scheana and Eddie haven’t spoken for a few years.

Glanville spilled to Podcast One's Nik Richie that she has a hard time with Rimes posting photos on social media with Glanville’s children."I have an issue with her posting pictures of my children on holidays. If my ex-husband, if their dad isn't posting pictures, why is she?

The artist has posted photos with the boys and her husband on Instagram, which Glanville says is difficult for her to see."I tucked my tail and went ' Please, just around the holidays, don't do it.' And she's like, ' It's my family too and I'm gonna do whatever I want,'" says Glanville, who adds that she's now resigned herself to the reality of the situation.

"I begged and tried for so many years to get things to change and they haven't, so I have to just f---ing accept it that I'll see pictures of my kids on Thanksgiving in a horse drawn carriage looking perfectly happy and I'll cry myself to sleep."Cibrian tells that Glanville's account is simply not true."Brandi is lying," he says.

But shortly into trying to hang out with him I find out about Le Ann, and I felt like such an idiot!

” PHOTOS: Le Ann Rimes Breaks Down Over Treatment Scheana recalls the moment she first met Eddie, 39, and says she was instantly smitten.