Who is jameis winston dating

Tampa Bay will be forced to sign Winston to a long-term mega-deal because it's the organization's only choice.

Jameis Winston was awarded the 79th Heisman Trophy tonight in NYC and with him was longtime girlfriend Breion Allen.

He also enters the first window to renegotiate his rookie contract this offseason.Winston serves as the organization's face and its voice. The Buccaneers entered Sunday ranked 19th overall in points per game (21.1) and third-down percentage (38 percent).The league's second-best passing offense doesn't amount to much if it can't convert in crucial situations.At 2-6 overall after Sunday's 30-10 loss to the Saints, the Buccaneers soon must decide whether to make a 0-plus million investment in Winston this offseason.Winston came into the league as a prepackaged superstar with a last-second national championship victory under his belt, a Heisman Trophy in tow, prototypical size, a big arm, a gunslinger's mentality, an infectious personality and all-important experience in a pro-style offense.