Who is ryan pinkston dating

It's different when you're away on the road." "Clipped" premieres Tuesday, June 16 on TBS.

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No relation to Rob Pinkston of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Ryan Pinkston got his start in martial arts: he received his black belt in Wushu Kung Fu at age nine and has won championships in karate, kung fu, and tae kwan do.He appeared in Lionsgate's College in 2008, alongside Drake Bell and Andrew Caldwell.Pinkston's most recent role is in Hannah Montana, which came out in 2008.Click here to subscribe to FOX411’s You Tube channel "It is hard to find anything that works," says Wendt.If anyone could figure out how to do it really successfully all the time, they would do nothing but." "Clipped" is a comedy about a group of coworkers in Boston who attended the same high school but were in very different cliques.